Tips for taking your dog on holiday



Taking your dog away with you on holiday, properly thought through, can have marvellous benefits for both dog and owners. New sights, new sounds, new smells can be just as invigorating for your pooch, but have a care, sometimes being taken out of their home environment can be very stressful.

We have compiled some useful points, which we hope you will find helpful whilst on your pet friendly holiday.







Just as you remember those items you can't possibly do without for yourself, the same applies to your pooch who will be much happier with familiar things, rather than those purchased along the way, as they had been forgotten in the packing!

To help you remember those essential doggy items, we hope you will find the following list helpful:-

●  Always make sure you have plenty of water available for the journey and a suitable container for both the journey and whilst you are away.
●  Collar and lead
●  Food and water bowls
●  Their bed or blanket
●  A favourite toy
●  Poo bags
●  Pooper scooper
●  Their own towel, brush, shampoo etc.
●  Enough food to last the holiday if you are trying to avoid the supermarket!
●  An anchor and tie - this might be useful for outside of the accommodation or if you are going to the beach to stop them straying. 



●  Make sure your dog's vaccinations are up to date

● Familiarise yourself of the nearest vet to your holiday location in case of emergencies


●  Dogs can get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure they have a disc attached to their collar with your mobile number engraved on it. That way, you will be reunited with your pet much quicker. 


All-strapped-up-and-raring-to-go-V2●  Take some water with you in case a stop is needed where water isn't available.

●  Make sure you have a lead handy in case of a breakdown or accident.

● Make sure your dog is secure in your car, either by harness, travel crate or grill. If a dog is not secured and you are forced to make an emergency stop, not only could they be flung towards the windscreen, but they could injure the driver and/or a passenger on the way.

●  If you don't have air conditioning in your car, make sure you leave a window open slightly so that your pooch has adequate fresh air. If the heating is on, your pooch may dehydrate if it is too high.



My_dog_copyMake sure you familiarise yourself with the pet policy of the owner of your holiday accommodation. This will probably contain the following:-

●  Use only the dog's bed and don't allow them to sit or lie on the furniture or bedding.

●  Never leave your dog on its own in the holiday lodge/log cabin.

●  Do not be tempted to let your dog outside on its own - EVEN WHEN IT IS RAINING.

●  If the holiday lodge park has a specific area set aside to exercise your dog and many do, please use it, but ALWAYS CLEAN UP ANY MESS AFTER YOUR DOG.







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