Buying a holiday lodge? You'll want it to be safe.

NCC-Approved-logov2How do you know that what you’re buying was built to comply with the health and safety standards in force at the time it was manufactured?

Since 1964, the National Caravan Council has been inspecting prototype and new models to ensure they comply with British Standard 3632 or British Standard European Norm 1647. Inspection could require many hundreds of different checks on any one model of lodge by a team of highly specialised engineers. Their tests exceed the minimum requirements specified by British Standards, involving several different health and safety aspects.

Realistically, you couldn’t do all this yourself. Fortunately, the National Caravan Council is currently the only agency in the UK checking out park homes and holiday lodges - and they  have your safety at heart.

All you have to do is to look for the APPROVED badge on the holiday lodge you are about to buy.