We have noticed an increasing number of enquiries through our office asking for park home estates that sell timber lodges for residential purposes and are licenced to do so.

So much so, that we have introduced a Residential Lodge Park page on our sister site www.parkhomeliving.co.uk purely for that purpose.
We list below sixteen parks belonging to clients, with links through for further information. We also hold details of other parks in the Ayrshire, Cerdigion, Cheshire, Conwy, Derbyshire,  Dorset, Dumfries & Galloway, Durham, Glamorgan, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Strathclyde and finally Worcestershire.



●             Ayrshire - Cunninghamhead Estate (will accept lodges with a pale Canexel cladding)
●             Ayrshire - Millglen Lodges (new development will accept homes with Canexel type cladding)
●             Berkshire - Warfield Park (will accept lodges with a Canexel cladding)
●             Ceredigion - Schooner Park (new development with sea views, that will accept lodges) 
●             Cheshire - Kinderton Park (new development will now accept lodges with Canexel cladding)
●             Derbyshire - Merebrook Park
●             Fife - Clayton Park
   Glamorgan - Greenways Leisure - Pleanning for 8 residential plots within a holiday park
●             Hampshire - Sandy Balls  
●             Lancashire - Keasden Heights (small log cabin development with planning permission for both residential and second homes)
   Lancashire - Rowanwater - New park with a mix of residential and holiday plots
●             Lincolnshire - Parklands of Lincoln (new development will accept homes with Canexel type cladding)
●             Lincolnshire - The Elms
●             North Yorkshire - Mill Garth
●             Nottinghamshire - Willow Park 
●             Strathclyde - Heatherbank (already accepts lodges with a pale Canexel cladding)
●             Worcestershire – The Glen (new development of 40 homes)
●             Worcestershire - Westbrook Green  (new development of just 12 homes)
To all Park Owners - If you have a fully residential park selling residential timber lodges built to BS3632 for full residential use, you may like to know that this page on Park Home Living and Just Lodges has proved to be extremely popular. This page is currently being viewed nearly 2,000 times per week. If you are a client of Park Home Living, the name of your park will be added free of charge as a service to our surfers on both web site forums. Please email us with your details to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.